I spoke at the vuDAT breakfast series: Conversations on Online Pedagogy and Best Practices on February 14th. My session was titled: Social Bookmarking: del.icio.us and ANGEL

Here is my handout if you are interested! Download Wolf_delicious.pdf


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  1. […] Below, you can see the quickview from Slideshare. I was having problems with the keynote conversion (yep, even I have tech issues!) Fortunately,Slideshare does allow you to upload and embed pdfs, so I sacrificed a bit of quality (the full pdf version looks a lot better!) Slideshare is a great tool for sharing and embedding presentations. Lilly2010The other technology we briefly discussed was delicious. (My delicious bookmarks.) I checked back through my archives and I did write up a piece on how I use it in my class – hopefully you can find it helpful! Social Bookmarking, delicious and ANGEL […]

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