Diving into the world of canning & preserving

On August 16, 2009, in Food and Drink, by Leigh Graves Wolf

Canning is something I’ve always wanted to try–but–was afraid (for all the silly sanitary reasons.) I purchased two books this summer that gave me the courage to give it a go.  The first is Preserved: Recipes and Techniques for Putting Up Small Batches of Seasonal Foods by Eugenia Bone.  The second is Preserves: River Cottage Handbook No.2 by Pam Corbin and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  I recommend them both, but if you have to choose one over the other…go with the River Cottage book, many more recipes and techniques to try.  Plus Pam & Hugh are fabulous writers.

I dove head first into catsup (or ketchup if you prefer) — the recipe was from the River Cottage Handbook.  I took pictures of (most) of the process…slides show below :)

Next on my list…I’m going to try making my own pickled horseradish & sauerkraut…all in preparation for tailgating season in a few weeks!


7 Responses to Diving into the world of canning & preserving

  1. Bobbi says:

    Looks wonderful!

  2. Dad says:


  3. Bobbi says:

    Looks great – glad you tried this. My Mom and Dad used to make green tomato relish in Sept/Oct when the chances of tomatoes getting ripe were slim.

  4. Michelle Wolf says:

    Whens the taste test? :)

  5. Nora says:

    This is the next best book to the Blue Book for Canning. You can order it from the Univ of Georgia extension – I use it all the time. http://www.uga.edu/setp/

    Also, the Ingham County Extension office is offering a free class this Thursday August 20 from 6-8pm on water bath and pressure canning. You just call to sign up….

  6. Aunt Mary says:

    You are so talented sweetie ! And your pasta salad was wonderful (I didn’t take the credit – he he ( : D ) !!

  7. Aunt Mary says:

    I found I actually had 2 “vintage” canning books that will be yours as soon as we can get together again !!

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