vote for pedro

my dogs are going stir crazy

do NOT try the Target version of Crest Whitestrips

In my head right now : Time isn’t holding us, Time isn’t after us, There is water at the bottom of the ocean

I have an iPod shuffle…it really is amazing.  Go ahead, call me a sucker for the marketing if you wish…you put one on for FIVE minutes and you’ll be sold too. 

i’m only updating so i can have SOMETHING to check off of my never ending to do list, would you like to see it? that’s what blogs are for right?   i started keeping a .txt to do list on my desktop (instead of my palm which i never use)

  • check in on deb r. for ppt
  • play w/impatica for carol d., e-mail carol d.
  • fellowship applications
  • educause paper – finish
  • 924 essay
  • space camp chapter
  • update blog