Adams Academy Recap

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to work with the 2011-2012 Adams Academy cohort along with my talented friend and colleague Stephen Thomas. Here is a copy of our slides & a rundown of some of the links we shared.

Stephen and I had the honor of being in the first Adams Academy Cohort. If you’re an MSU academic specialist, fixed term faculty or librarian I highly suggest putting in your application for the 2012-2013 cohort! Application details can be found here.

Prezi –
Free EDU – edition –
MSU Storemedia – (Changing to Kaltura)
Flickr –
Etherpad – and
MSU social media listings
Out of this world twitter resources –
Profhacker –
Diigo –
danah boyd –
Nicole Ellison –
Pew Internet –
Poll Everywhere –
Mobile Website Creation Program –
Remind 101 –

Suggested books:

The Third Teacher –

Everything is Miscellaneous – David Weinberger –

Cognitive Surplus- Clay Shirky –

The Wealth of Networks – Yochai Benkler –

Ambient Findability – Peter Morville –

Hamlet’s Blackberry – William Powers-