#LNDLCA Design Thinking in Classroom Contexts Webinar

I had a wonderful time this afternoon meeting with dedicated educators across Canada who are members of the #LNDLCA community. My dear friend Dr. Michelle Schira Hagerman extended the invitation as a part of her groundbreaking work leading the The Canadian Institute for Digital Literacies Learning.

Below are a few artifacts from the session (thanks for the tweet Michelle!) – I’ve embedded my slides and the original invitation to the webinar.  I look forward to continued conversations and connections via the #LNDLCA hashtag!




Invitation: Webinar with Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf

From Buzzwords, to Theory, to Practice: Design Thinking in Classroom Contexts

Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf is teacher-scholar and a Clinical Associate Professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. Leigh teaches with the Educational Leadership and Innovation EdD program and is a faculty fellow with the Office of Scholarship & Innovation. Her work centers around online education, K12 teacher professional development and relationships mediated by and with technology. She has worked across the educational spectrum from K12 to Higher to further and lifelong. She believes passionately in collaboration and community. Leigh shares her work at www.leighgraveswolf.com.

We invited Dr. Wolf to share her expertise with us because she is a creative, innovative teacher, scholar, and leader who, over the past decade, has leveraged design thinking frameworks to lead massive institutional change projects at the macro-level, and to create daily lessons for her own students at the micro-level. Leigh has offered to share her current thoughts about design thinking — which, despite being a bit of an educational buzzword — is worth understanding as a powerful framework for the design of theoretically and evidence-based classroom practices in every discipline.

This session will take place from 4PM to 5PM on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018. Please join us! The webinar will be hosted using Zoom.us. You can attend from the comfort of your home, on a laptop or via the Zoom app on your smartphone.