AcceleratED (#apdx19) and IntegratED (#ipdx19) Recap & Reflection

It was a tremendous honor to be asked back to AcceleratED (#apdx19) and IntegratED (#ipdx19) in Portland. I had a wonderful time reconnecting with old friends and of course, the opportunity to meet new friends.  As always, Darren did an amazing job pulling together many different inspiring and thought provoking facilitators. What I love about the conference is the expectation for all to come and be active participants. I sincerely want to thank everyone who came to my sessions – they were challenging conversations and we pushed ourselves to think beyond “fun and free.” The conference ended with a raw and challenging talk by Douglas Rushkoff (many of the ideas were from his new book Team Human,which I have added to my reading list.)

Below you will find a recap of my sessions (with the associated slides/handouts.) All of the collaborative notes from the both conferences can be found: APDX Notes, IPDX Notes. You can also cull through the conference TAGS twitter archives by visiting #apdx19 and #ipdx19.

Design Thinking: How to Follow Through (APDX)

Design thinking (DT) has infiltrated many of our PD/PL sessions, but, often we’re left cleaning up post-it notes with no real plan for action. This session takes a critical look at DT and provides an opportunity to practice sustainable DT.

There were some fantastic notes and suggestions brainstormed during the session which you can find here.

What now? A Critical (Speed Discussion) #EdTech (APDX)

At times it feels as if the conversations and sessions are repeating themselves – are we truly making progress? This session will be a rapid series of critical provocations between participants culminating in idea generation and challenges.

Here are the discussion questions along with critical questions brainstormed during the session.

Data Detox: An Ethical Intervention (IPDX)

Using Mozilla & Tactical Tech’s Data Detox as an intervention, this session will be an interactive detox and an entry point into discussions about ethics and digital literacy.

Write Aloud worksheet used during the session:

Theory into Practice: Listening, Learning & Sharing (IPDX)

This workshop is an intense refresher (or introduction) into educational technology theories (new and old.) Participants will create an #iPDX19Syllabus of resources to share with the conference community.