A (Special) New Publication: Leadership Lessons from Lasso

Publication day is always fun – and this one, is just a bit more fun. In August 1997, I met Piya Bose. Back then, she was Piya and I was Ms. Graves.  Now, (25 years!) later, she’s Dr. Bose and I’m Dr. Wolf.  It makes my heart happy that we’ve stayed in touch for all of these years. My time at the International Academy was filled with so many happy memories and people – and Piya, my tech lab buddy, holds a very significant place in my heart.

A few months ago Piya reached out to see if I would be interested in writing something together with her, and of course I said yes. We wanted to write something fun about Ted Lasso & Leadership…and…here is the result! It was a tremendous process (and the editor we worked with was absolutely fantastic!) If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso, we tried to reduce the spoilers – but, a few slipped through so be aware – and enjoy!

Bose, P. & Wolf, L.G. (2022) Leadership lessons from Lasso. NASPA Leadership Exchange. 20(1), 22-25.