Another Round of Catch Up

The past several weeks have flown by and I’ve let my blog go a bit (which I feel ok about, we have to give ourselves grace!) I’m finally feeling a bit of space to come up for air and to reconnect. I wanted to document a few presentations from the past few months (below.) In the meantime, I’m very open to suggestions for WordPress themes. It has been a while since I’ve played around in the sandbox, so feeling a bit rusty.  Ideas/thoughts welcome and appreciated!

First, I was honoured to be the keynote at DCU’s 2023 Postgraduate Research Unconference in May. My presentation was titled: The Possibilities and Practices of the Qualitative Landscape. It was really great to reflect on qualitative methods (after a pause from teaching them) and I felt a bit of my creative juices returning as I used a lot of my own photos in the presentation.

Second, I was kindly asked to present at the N-TUTORR Digital Transformation Masterclass in June on the topic of Digital Transformation from a faculty lens – my slides are below (and recording linked above.) This was a great opportunity to learn more about the N-TUTORR project and to engage with colleagues across the country.

I’m settling in here, starting to understand the educational developer landscape, re-engaging in teaching & learning circles.  I’ve always wandered in, through, and around the space – but, it’s nice to be back in the thick of it and to be situated within a new cultural context for the work. It’s also been nice to have time to think about what the next stages of my own career will look like. I have the privilege of time to think, which is something new (and exciting) for me.