Irish Conference on Engaging Pedagogy Reflection

I was so honoured to be invited to speak at the 2023 Irish Conference on Engaging Pedagogy (ICEP) last week (thank you Karen!) This was my first time attending (and will not be the last!) The conference was held at CCT College Dublin – a place I walk by weekly, but have never had the chance to go in to this gorgeous spot. The minute I walked in the door I felt a warm and welcoming glow, something I haven’t felt from a conference in quite a long time! It was such a joy to (re)connect with so many and looking forward to continued discussions and collaborations.  My session was titled Teaching the Teachers: Supportive Pedagogy for Educator Professional Development and it was a great way for me to reflect back on my first semester teaching at UCD and sharing what I learned with others. Slides are below – many if not all of the images link out to resources!