Catching Up: AERA 2022 Recap + Shout Out to The Civics of Technology Project

Spring semester 2022 will certainly go down in the record books as one of the most challenging on record. I’m just now coming up for some air.  Before too much more time escapes, I want to make sure to document the amazing AERA Symposium that I was honored to serve on as a discussant back in April:

Educating techno-skeptics: Critical approaches to educational technology in a dystopian world.

The amazing Dr. Marie Heath was the chair/organizer of the symposium and it included the following presentations (and I highly suggest clicking on the link above to check out all of the paper abstracts):

Big Tech’s Inculcation of Inculcation of Education – Marie K. Heath, Loyola University Maryland; Sumreen Asim, Indiana University Southeast; Jessa Henderson, George Washington University; Natalie B. Milman, The George Washington University.

Graduate Students Critically Investigating Emerging Technologies – Jason Trumble, University of Central Arkansas.

Confronting Neoliberalism Within the Teacher-to-Teacher Online Marketplace of Ideas – Catharyn Crane Shelton, Northern Arizona University; Stephanie Schroeder, The Pennsylvania State University; Rachelle Curcio, University of South Carolina.

Technologies of the Global South: Exploring the Alternatives to Neoliberal Colonization – Ted Hall, Martin University; Rohit Mehta, California State University – Fresno.

“In That System, We All Look Like Thieves”: Developing Young People’s Critical Digital Citizenship – Charles Logan, Northwestern University; Amy Lynn Chapman, Teachers College, Columbia University;  Daniel G Krutka, University, University of North Texas; Swati Mehta, Michigan State University; Sepehr Vakil, Northwestern University.

Designing for Critical Technology Literacy in Teacher Education –  Jamie D. Gravell, California State University – Stanislaus.

I also want to give a shout to the Civics of Technology Project which is a tremendous place to continue these conversations (and many people involved in the project were a part of this symposium!) I was honored to be a guest on the March Madness “Must Read” Books discussion a few months ago!

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