ENIAC – a computer is born

Link: ENIAC – Video Roundup | CNET News.com.

The first home computer we ever had was a TI-99.  I used an Apple III in kindergarden. I think at one point we had a Mac IIci. The first computer I purchased on my own in 1994 was a Performa 6110CD.  I jumped ship in 1997 and purchased a Dell Dimension XPS-T 400. My first laptop was a Dell Inspiron 4000.  Now, I have an Inspiron 700m.

This is a picture of (the output of) my 1st computer program!

3 thoughts on “ENIAC – a computer is born

  1. ha … here’s my history (sorta):
    1 – some old ibm thing
    2 – gateway desktop
    3 – dell dimension xs866 (or somethin like that)
    4 – toshiba satellite m35….
    5 – macbook pro (in less than three weeks!)

  2. Wow! My first computer was also a TI-99/4A! It had lots of great games like Tombstone City and Car Wars. My dad also showed me how to program in BASIC on it (I must have been somewhere between 8-10 years old.) I still have that first computer and I pull it out every now and then.

  3. i LOVE your printout! hee hee … what can i say, i’m a nerd (and an actual rocket scientist)!

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