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In my new role I am lucky in that I get to meet people all across campus and I will get a chance to go into buildings I rarely get a chance to visit. As I returned to Erickson Hall for a meeting today I saw some great flyers for amazing events coming up in the next few weeks. Then, as I walked to my next meeting at the library, I saw more flyers for incredible things! I could not find some of these events replicated on other social media – which gave me an idea…while we’re waiting for an elevator or walking through buildings, can we take a minute help out our community and share flyers we find interesting? It could serve several purposes – connecting our community internally and also connecting to our online and hybrid students (who don’t get a chance to wander the halls) to these events as well.

SO, MSU friends, would you like to join me in this experiment? If you’re walking in your building and see an interesting flyer on a bulletin board or by an elevator, share it with the hashtag #MSUflyer. I experimented this afternoon and posted some of the flyers (with privacy settings set to public) on Facebook and they were shared! Just posted another to Twitter:


Let’s see where this goes! Thanks for sharing!

2 thoughts on “Experiment #MSUFlyer

  1. Love this idea! Makes me think MSU has a need for a Social Media Director. I met the Social Media Director for U of M. It’s amazing the types of events and marketing she’s done around social media, athletics, medical breakthroughs, etc.

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