I Don’t Need This

I listened to this song on the way back to work today…totally explains how I’m feeling

I Don’t Need This
Ashley MacIsaac

So many jobs to do today but only time for three
And I find only time to time that I got time for me
Done so much runnin’ I can see myself comin’ round
The circle that I started in
Won’t somebody give me a break?

Seven things that I forgot I really should have done
I’m not going nowhere till I concentrate on one
I can’t smell the roses when we’re grinding our noses
When we joke all 9 to 5
Won’t somebody give me a break?
Oh I had all I can take


Oh I just can’t see the sun
Feels like I’m the only one
Always getting through somehow
But I don’t need this
I don’t need this right now

Dreamy dream that’s all I wish for is a money tree
I pay my dues I pay my rent and have some left for me
It’s gotta be a crime to work so hard just to pay off the
Balance of your MasterCard
There’s gotta be some mistake

I get you what I promised you when I get white and old
But now I’m surfing, skating, singing close to overload
 Won’t somebody give me a break?
A break for heaven’s sake.

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