Hi all…I say ‘all’ as if there is actually someone out there reading my blog.  For some reason I feel compelled to have some sort of dialog with my imaginary audience.  There is this phenomenon with adolescents that makes them feel as if they have an inflated sense of importance (I think David Elkind talks about this) or that all eyes are on them…that’s how I feel right now.  Instead of using this as a dump for my feelings and emotions, all of the turmoil going on in my life…I find myself MAJORLY self-regulating what is going in here.  I guess I’m hyperaware of my potential audience because I have done so much research on people who are completely UNaware that the world wide web means WORLD WIDE…everyone and their brother, even your mother can read what’s going on…

Along with that, WHY WOULD ANYONE CARE? Why do I feel complelled to write this post? Do I think someone else is going to read it? Is it a selfish activity?  Am I doing this just because I can? Part of my motivation is to understand my research participants, but do I REALLY understand if I’m coming at this from a completely different frame of reference? Mmmm, makes me think…

2 thoughts on “Inflation

  1. Hi, Leigh! How are you? I like your blog. :) I hope things are going well in Michigan. I hope you don’t mind if I visit your blog sometimes.
    Take care,

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