#IPDX14 Quickfire Follow up

Thanks to all who attended the session today! If you were not able to attend, participants took notes in this collaborative google doc. Simply open the doc and search for “Quickfire” – that’s the easiest way to get to our notes!

As promised, here are the slides from today:

I have blogged quite a bit about quickfire challenges, here are a few posts you may find useful (they all have additional examples of quickfires for you!)

Here is our “explore.create.share” database of PD activities we use in the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program at Michigan State (it has more than just quickfires in there!):

Below, you will find a recap of the Quickfires we experienced today. Thanks again to all who came and engaged! If you take this idea into your own classroom/PD please share and let me know! I love to see all of the creative ways this activity can be repurposed!

IPDX14 participants were presented with 2 challenges today – one, was a 15 second video challenge (explained in the embedded slides above) and one was a Quickfire Quickfire were participants had 20 minutes to design – here is what they came up with!

Challenge #1 – the 15 second videos (as an archive for the participants, it’s one of those “you had to be there” things ;)

Challenge #2 Quickfire Quickfire

Tag Team Programming

Students are given a desired outcome by teacher.  They are put into teams of 2. Using Scratch, have student A begin the activity.  Student B is not allowed to watch or talk with student A.  After 5 minutes, the bell rings and student B takes over. The partners are not allowed to communicate with one another, but every partner A can brainstorm and discuss strategies quietly with the other partner As.  After 5 minutes the bell rings again, and the switch occurs again.  Time limit and task description would vary based on the age/ability/task.

Your Rights?

Each group of three is given the following challenge: Create a visual representation of how the Civil Rights Movement impacted your life. Be sure to demonstrate an understanding of a key Civil Rights event. You have 40 minutes. You have two minutes to share your visual representation (twist– have them share another group’s visual representation and interpret or apply their understanding of it)

“Mute the Acronyms” Professional Development

  • Use current educational terminology

    • TPACK

    • SAMR

    • Webb’s DOK

    • CIPA

    • COPPA

    • FERPA

    • CCSS

    • NGSS

  • Small groups of 4 or more

  • Using pictures or videos to explain the terms without actually use the acronym nor the words that make up the acronym (i.e. act out, draw pictures)

  • 20 minutes to create

  • End product must be no longer than one minute long.

  • End product must be digital to share

  • Collect responses in a way where they can be cataloged for reference later

Research: Finding Reliable Sources

The Challenge: Student teams are asked to find web resources for a research project.

Half of the group is asked to find examples of bad resources and the other group finds good resources in 10 minutes. Students have a list of criteria that define bad vs. good. In the last 10 minutes, each group presents the resources they have found and compare or contrast what makes them good or bad. The good resources could be shared on a website or collaborative doc.

From Green to Great

Freshman in groups of 3 use any technology to create and share a 2 min video  creating a collective story of who you are. It should highlight you as individuals and also who you are as a group. You have 30 min and may share any way you like as long as the instructor has a url into this Google form. We will Fruit machine 5 videos today to watch and over the course of the year, load your videos to our Youtube Channel and play your videos over our closed network tv’s during break over the course of the year.  Part of your graduation requirements for your senior project will be to reconnect and create a video that follows the same format and reflect on how you have changed.

Chopped to the Core

The Dynamic Universe



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