life in general

well, i feel as if i’m going through a great period of change in my life.  first year of phd under my belt, new job, (another) new puppy, new shoes…and i’m not sure how to deal with all of it.  i’m having issues with time management and getting caught up in the internet(s)…not caught up in porn or anything like that, but caught up in all the information that is out there! everytime i think i’ve found the coolest or best site, boom, somthing else pops up…how am i supposed to write a paper, or even worse, a DISSERTATION with all of that info swarming out there? i just have to focus.  hopefully, my new web browser (firefox) will help me keep track of everything out there, and hopefully this little slice of the ‘blogosphere’ will help as well.  onward and upward.

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