MAET students – help is (virtually) here!

I would like to introduce you to a new pilot program for our students in the MAET program. As our online offerings continue to grow, so do our expectations of our students. As you know, multi-media artifacts (from podcasts, to video, to websites) are a regular and integral part of MAET coursework.  Even though the tools have improved over the years, inevitably, we all get stuck with a tech problem from time to time.

To address this issue, we are pleased to announce that Theresa Hamilton & Amy Gracik, two of our  Technology Interns in Education at the college, have graciously agreed to help serve as a virtual help desk for MAET students. (Thanks also to Terri Gustafson and Punya Mishra who helped make this initiative possible.) Essentially Theresa and Amy will be available as an asynchronous form of online tech support for students. They will not assist with hardware or network issues, they are here as another layer of instructor support to help students who are stuck with assignments that utilize software on the required software list ( or other web-based software projects (edublogs, voicethread, moodle, etc.)

To request help – simply go to:
Sign in with a google account and start a new discussion topic!

Posts requesting help should be formatted as follows:

Course Number:
Assignment Title: (if applicable)
Tech Question:
It is very helpful if students create a brief screencast or screenshots demonstrating the tech problem they are having (using Jing and post the link (via a free account.)

As always, we welcome any other suggestions and feedback from students – we are here to support you as you stretch, grow and push boundaries!

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