McKenzie Wark

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I went to a lecture this afternoon featuring McKenzie Wark…very interesting…and of course exactly what I was trying to do for my TE paper! I just have to remind myself that I don’t have a lifetime of studying Marx under my belt, so how COULD I speak that eloquently?   He had a VERY intersting use of Powerpoint…at first, I was saying to myself "who is this guy?" because he was reading off of the slides…however they were designed so well (black background, white serif text, with some text in red, each slide numbered) that it worked…it worked really well! (I think it’s how Wittgenstein would use ppt!)  McKenzie wrote A Hacker ManifestoEven though I may not agree with everything he said, I reallly liked his writing style and the way he constructed and supported his arguments. 

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