I had a great time this morning talking twitter at the February VuDAT breakfast series! It’s always fun to connect with new colleagues across campus and see familiar faces. Thanks again to all who attended.

Below, you will find the slideshow from this morning – the session was recorded and I’ll post that once I receive the link from VuDAT.

A few extra twitter tips that came out of the discussion after the session-

from @ranti – fill out your profile information, people will take you more seriously if they know who you are!

@jodispicer – you don’t have to follow everyone that follows you

We ran into another common troubleshooting question – one of the participants was wondering why her tweets were not showing up on the hashtag stream.  If your tweets are protected, they will not show up if you are participating in a #hashtag conversation – to unprotect your tweets, go into your settings (from a web browser, a lot of the mobile apps will not let you dig into the settings.)

In the session, I talked a bit about Storify, a great site for curating stories on social media.  Here is the full archive of the tweets that went back and forth during our session this morning.  I embedded the archive in “slideshow” view – you can also post as a threaded conversation (see in expanded form here.)

Here are the answers to the questions I couldn’t get to in the session:

Have you used Evernote to archive your twitter?
I have not, but it’s a great idea! You could totally set up an ifttt recipe for that!

Do you use lists?
I’m really bad when it comes to lists – I know some people find them super helpful – check the archive for some super users who really know how to work the lists!

What advice do you have for trimming down the noise and managing time efficiently with twitter usage?
Don’t try to read it all, make sure you’re responsive to your @ mentions/direct messages, participate and share when you can. After working with it for a while, it just becomes a natural part of your workflow.

Hope this helps – do not hesitate to post additional questions below or…tweet me! :)

3 thoughts on “#msutweets

  1. Great. That “fill out your bio” suggestion came from somebody whose bio talks about cat, tea, and cookies. ;-)

  2. Great blog post, Leigh. Thanks for sharing! Re: Twitter lists, the one list I find indispensable is my (private) list made up of friends and people whom I see “in real life” regularly, e.g. people in my department. I have this list in a column right next to my main tweetstream. I know I won’t see *all* the tweets of *all* the people I follow — but I do hate to miss tweets shared by people I know well. If I haven’t been on Twitter in awhile, I can easily scan this list to see what they are sharing and it’s great to pick up on these things in our F2F conversations. I use other lists as well, but this is the most valuable. :)

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