New Publication: Chapter in Handbook on Digital Learning for K-12 Schools

It’s always fun to see your name and hard work in print! Sincerely thankful to Drs. Ann Marcus-Quinn & Tríona Hourigan at the University of Limerick for the opportunity to contribute to the handbook and to my wonderful and amazing collaborators!

Heintz, A., Hagerman, M.S., Boltz, L.O., & Wolf, L.G. (2017). Teacher awarenesses and blended
instruction practices: Interview research with K-12 teachers. Handbook for Digital Learning in K-12 Schools. Springer.


In our research, we talked to four early-career teachers who have adopted blended instruction practices for their classrooms. Through systems-based thinking that held in view awareness of self, learners, context, pedagogy, and interaction, these teachers established a blended classroom driven by a consistent vision and manifested through complex and diverse means.

For friends at MSU, here is the direct link to the eBook through the library:

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