Office of Educational Technology Tech Tuesday Google Hangout Follow Up

Office of Educational Technology Tech Tuesday

On Tuesday I was honored to participate as a panelist on the weekly Office of Educational Technology Tech Tuesday Google Hangout.  The topic of discussion this week was EdTech in Teacher Prep.

There were many issues discussed in the short 30 minutes we had together. I hope the OET continues the opportunity for open conversations (would be a wonderful opportunity for a Future Ready event? Extend the conversation into Higher Ed?)

I have a few brief follow up points:

I think that faculty unnecessarily received a bad rap in parts of the discussion.  Teacher preparation programs (and the faculty within the programs) are under tremendous pressure. How to successfully integrate technology into teacher preparation programs is indeed a wicked problem.  I tried to touch on this in my closing statement – this is not a one sided discussion.

We didn’t have the opportunity to discuss how (and where) teaching online factors into teacher preparation. This adds to the “wickedness” of the problem – and is a perfect topic for further discussion!

Thank you to Zac Chase for the invitation to participate!


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