PELeCON 2012 Spotlight Session Follow Up #pelc12

Thank you so much for attending my session and participating in the first ever massively multiplayer quickfire challenge. This has been one of the best learning conferences I have ever attended (and I have attended quite a few.) I’m incredibly honored to be in your company.

Here are links to the resources I shared today:

Noah Scalin: Unstuck –

Trasformative Learning Theory, Jack Mezirow –

Haiku Stop Motion –
Example 1:

Example 2:

Flip Cam/Storyboard –

Windows to the World –

This is a link to the “MAET Vault.” (MAET stands for Master of Arts in Educational Technology – The Vault contains quite a few Quickfire challenges along with a good deal of our curriculum. You will find many activities and resources for teacher professional development:

Here are links to the work of a few of my colleagues who also do work in this area:

Michelle Schira Hagerman:
Matt Koehler:
Punya Mishra:
Andrea Zellner:

Side Notes:
If you’re in or around Dublin, Ireland this summer, we’re holding a free ICT conference on July 17, 2012! As part of the program requirements, students must organize and deliver an ICT/Ed Tech conference for their peers and the community at large. More about the MAET Free Conference here:

Here is my Ignite presentation on Food Photography.  At the essence of my presentation is the explanation of how I use food and photography to challenge and inspire my teaching and learning:

Here are the slides from today:

Here is a slideshow of the Pelicans you created this morning: (coming shortly)

Thank you for this opportunity and for the engagement during the conference. Please keep in touch!

3 thoughts on “PELeCON 2012 Spotlight Session Follow Up #pelc12

  1. Dear Leigh

    I thoroughly enjoyed your talk this morning.
    I am Vice Principal of Torquay Community College working with children from deprived backgrounds in an educationally selective area. We have developed an ‘opening minds’ curriculum for our 11 year olds to develop of learning skills.

    The ideas of quickfire challenges would fit well within the programme both in terms of engagement and learning to fail, building resilience and developing strategies to make them successful learners.
    If you have any other ideas or can signpost me to others who have developed this approach I would be very grateful.
    best wishes

    Evan Pugh

  2. Hi Evan! Thank you for the kind words – sounds like the quickfire idea would be a nice match – do you have any links to the “opening minds” curriculum? I don’t know anyone else who has implemented this across a curriculum. There is the “Marshmallow Challenge guy” who you may find helpful as well – – Would love to help/discuss!

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