Recap – CPED EdD Fireside Chat: Building an Online Presence

It was great to talk with CPED students, faculty, and staff a few weeks ago for the EdD Fireside Chat on Building an Online Presence. In preparing for the chat I was able to revisit a lot of the great scholarly and digital presence work that I did with Chris Long, Kristen Mapes, Stephen Thomas, and Scott Schopieray many years ago.

Here is the workshop description:

While many conversations about online presence start with the “how to”, this chat is designed to help you navigate challenging and nuanced questions like: Why should you have a digital presence? Who is interested in my work and scholarship? How can this work be recognized professionally? We will discuss issues of “control” over online spaces, provide resources for building an online presence strategy, and then move to discussing options for digital tools to support your strategy. This conversation will be relevant for all members of the CPED community (students, faculty, and program support staff are welcome to attend!)

Here is the recording:

And here are the slides:

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