Remix Reuse Recycle – A Creative Commons Assignment

I was inspired by Alec Couros‘s tweet this afternoon to share my Remix, Reuse, Recycle project we have been doing for the past few years in the MAET overseas program.

(click the image to see the commercial)

This video reminded me of an assignment called “Remix, Reuse, Recycle” that we have been tweaking for the past few years in our overseas summer graduate program. (And I’m super excited to have this Nokia video to include in the future iterations of the project!) Below, you will find:

  • an example of student work
  • the assignment (in its original form from 2007)
  • rubric

Please feel free to Remix, Reuse and Recycle the assignment for yourself! (And let me know if you do!)



(Kerry Clark, MAET Overseas graduating class of 2007)


Remix culture is a term employed by Lawrence Lessig to describe a society which allows and encourages derivative works. Such a culture would be, by default, permissive of efforts to improve upon, change, integrate, or otherwise remix the work of copyright holders. Lessig presents this as a desirable ideal and argues, among other things, that the health, progress, and wealth creation of a culture is fundamentally tied to this participatory remix process. (via wikipedia)

A remix may also refer to a non-linear re-interpretation of a given work or media other than audio. Such as a hybridizing process combining fragments of various works. The process of combining and re-contextualizing will often produce unique results independent of the intentions and vision of the original designer/artist. Thus the concept of a remix can be applied to visual or video arts, and even things farther afield. (via wikipedia)

In this activity, you will each be given a common set of Creative Commons video clips and music and will be asked to remix these clips. You will be randomly assigned a theme. Do your best to keep your theme secret!!

• Video must not exceed 2 minutes
• You may include your own text into the mix, but you may not use any additional video or audio clips.

Clips must be edited using
Adobe Premiere Elements
Windows Movie Maker

Video Clips –

– the Librarian –
– film research and learning –
– choosing and educational film –
– basic typing –
– facts about projection –
– education for excellence –
– sharp calculator –
– it happens every noon –

Audio Clips –

associated readings –
free culture – lessig –
Exploring the Right to Share, Mix and Burn – new york times –
remix planet – wired –

Example Topics–
Situated learning
Experiential learning
Authentic learning
Active learning
Passive learning
Affordances of technology
Constraints of technology


Assignment Rubric (pdf)

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  1. Originally it was for our “year 2” overseas cohort. A version of this assignment now appears in CEP 810.

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