the adventure continues

Back to the grindstone…summer class started tonight…should be interesting.  My prof does not want us to use our laptops during class, that will be a challenge for me, but a good challenge.  My patience will also be exercised AGAIN this semester…but that’s ok too.  I had a nice week ‘off’ and I think I’m ready to tackle things again, especially after a wonderful massage up in TC, (go visit Sandy at Pavolva Salon, she was amazing!) and a fun time at Brad and Amanda’s wedding.

Lots on my to do list…AERA call is out and I need to get my act together for that.  I also need to tighten up my practicum and send in UCRIHS! I need to pull stuff together for summer teaching. We need to clear out the upstairs for new carpet coming in on Monday.  I’m sure I’m forgetting things…but that looks like a full enough plate for now!

The grass has grown like CRAZY…it looks terrible.  *Add mow the lawn to list*

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