T&L Forum Recap – Presence in an Online Teaching Environment

On January 20th I was delighted to visit (virtually) Munster Technological University (by invitation from the marvelous Tom Farrelly!) as a part of the National Forum T&L Seminar Series. If you’re not familiar with the series, take a moment to look through the upcoming offerings – all online now due to COVID-19, which, allows participation from a global audience.  It was such a joy to have participants from all over the globe (northern and southern hemispheres!) in my session.

You can view the recording of the session here:

And the slides with the links can be found here:

I tried something new with breakout sessions, that, I think went quite well. Often we’re jolted into breakouts in large online sessions/webinars when the time comes to collaborate or interact – with no choice or scaffolding. When I’m in a seminar and this happens, I find myself wanting to shut down and I didn’t want to do that to my participants. Luckily, Zoom now allows participants to select their own breakout rooms. SO, when it came time to discuss – I shared this document with participants which gave them an idea of what would be happening in each room along with some scaffolded directions for the comments and they could choose where they wanted to go (including a quiet room where they did not have expectations to interact with others.) The following rooms generated some fantastic lists and resources – all of which can be used as springboards for further conversations:

Learning from Failure

Instructional Designers 

Tertiary (Students & Faculty) 

I sincerely want to thank the participants for giving so generously of their time, the T&L National Forum for hosting the seminar, and Tom Farrelly for being an amazing collaborator and friend.

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