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Instead of a “test post” – thought I would share some #edtech tips as well :)

I’ve used a few different apps to manage my linking – twitter to facebook, delicious to twitter, etc. A few weeks ago, I discovered ifttt.  I’m posting here to make sure my blog is linked in correctly.  Theoretically now I can manage everything through their trigger dashboard! Things are mostly working (instagram is having a few issues w/twitter) and I need to work on the default descriptors…but…I think we have a winner here in ifttt!

I have 5 invites if you would like to try it out!

1 thought on “Workflow – ifttt

  1. Leigh, this looks pretty neat! If you still have any invites, I’d love to try it. I need to reorganize and recalibrate my internet life, and this looks like it could be a good part of the solution. Have fun this summer!

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