Real world math & design help needed! #quiltproblems #problemsolved

Update: at 8:36 pm the wonderful @nikkapotamus came to the rescue with this solution. At 9:07, the block is fixed, stitched & ready to be sent to Boston.  The kindness, generosity and intelligence of this connected world never ceases to amaze me!

Problem solved!


SO, I was bound and determined to start, and finish my quilt block(s) for Quilts for Boston tonight. I was planning to make my blocks out of jelly roll strips I had lying around.

I was super excited when I found this tutorial:

The requirements for the Quilts for Boston block are “All blocks should be 12½” tall x the width of your choice.” So, I sewed together 6 strips so the height of the strips were 12 1/2.  I cut two blocks of 12 1/2 by 12 1/2 with the intention of following the tutorial to make the block above.  I cut two other blocks “width of my choice” with the remaining fabric.

I followed the tutorial exactly, and the block looks beautiful…but…mathematically minded friends, do you see where I went wrong?

Real life math problem, help!

The middle block is beautiful, and for the first block I have ever made it my entire life, one may even go as far as to say it’s perfect…but it’s 17 x 17.  SO mathies & quilties, any suggestions on what I should do? I did not sew the 4 blocks for the big square together yet.  At minimum, I have 2 simple blocks that can go to Boston BUT would love to find a way to salvage the pieces in the middle – they are each 8 1/2, by 8 1/2.

Tips & tricks welcome!

Crowdsourced help request: US EdTech Teacher Licensure Programs

Update May 14, 2013:

Crowdsourcing didn’t work too well – so I spent the evening visiting every State Department of Education website looking for states that have an endorsement or certification in Educational Technology. (A usability analysis is a different ball of wax that is sorely needed, there are some confusing, horrible sites out there.)

To be clear, I was looking for Ed Tech integration/specialist certification – something that certifies teachers to teach with technology or to help others teach with technology.

19 out of 50 states (+ Washington DC) have an endorsement. The list and links can be found here:

I’m writing an article about Educational Technology and teacher licensure.  Many states offer endorsements or certifications in EdTech or Instructional Technology, but no comprehensive list of all states and their programs exists – I would love for you to help me create that list!

I’ve set up a shared doc:

Please place the link to the official State Department of Education page and/or any other relevant links about the certification or endorsement.  If your state does not offer an endorsement or certification please write “NONE”




Save the date #edchatie friends! #GREAT13 July 9, 2013

If you are an educator in Ireland (or if your summer travel plans include Ireland) be sure to attend the free 6th annual MAET/ICT/Educational Technology Conference (#GREAT13) on the campus of NUI Galway in Galway, Ireland on July 9, 2013 from 1pm-4pm (IST).

Last year’s #GREAT12 conference exceed our expectations. Over 45 of our #edchatie friends made it to DCU for the conference – it was an amazing day and we are looking forward to reconnecting and making new friends at #GREAT13.

The conference is organized and presented by the Year 2 Overseas MSU MAET students as a requirement for their CEP 815: Technology and Leadership course (see the assignment here), and is targeted towards anyone who works in the field of education (K12, higher ed, and beyond).

Below you will find archives of the past 5 conferences to give you an idea of the spirit of the conference:

2012 #GREAT12:
2011 RELATe:
2010 RELATe
2009 PLATE
2008 PLATE

If you’re interested in coming, fill out this simple form to register your interest. We will send more updates as the schedule emerges:

One more opportunity to connect:

We’re also excited to head to a new part of the country! If you’re an educator in, or around, Galway I would love to talk to you about the possibility of visiting your classroom/learning space! Our students are eager to not only visit classrooms, but potentially collaborate with you on an activity. We will be in Galway June 23 – July 20, 2013.  I know this is close to the end of the school year (which is a tricky time) but we are very interested in connecting with you! Just tweet me (@gravesle) if you’re interested!