Crowdsourced help request: US EdTech Teacher Licensure Programs

Update May 14, 2013:

Crowdsourcing didn’t work too well – so I spent the evening visiting every State Department of Education website looking for states that have an endorsement or certification in Educational Technology. (A usability analysis is a different ball of wax that is sorely needed, there are some confusing, horrible sites out there.)

To be clear, I was looking for Ed Tech integration/specialist certification – something that certifies teachers to teach with technology or to help others teach with technology.

19 out of 50 states (+ Washington DC) have an endorsement. The list and links can be found here:

I’m writing an article about Educational Technology and teacher licensure.  Many states offer endorsements or certifications in EdTech or Instructional Technology, but no comprehensive list of all states and their programs exists – I would love for you to help me create that list!

I’ve set up a shared doc:

Please place the link to the official State Department of Education page and/or any other relevant links about the certification or endorsement.  If your state does not offer an endorsement or certification please write “NONE”




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