RSS IS Awesome

I’ve found myself recently pining for the open social media days of yore –, Flickr, original Twitter – (I feel there is more to discuss on that in another post!) Once Google Reader died (10 years ago now!), my RSS/blog reading died along with it.  With Twitter also dying, I’ve been searching for ways to (re)connect. A few days ago, a solution appeared – an AMAZING tool that came across my Mastodon feed (speaking of searching for open spaces) called RSS is Awesome.

What is RSS is Awesome? From the website:

The RSS is Awesome feed reader is a in-progress passion project by me, Tom Hazledine, and I’m working on it a lot right now (as of late-July 2023).


-All state stored in your browser – no server (and so no costs!)
-Add RSS and Atom feeds with a feed URL
-Sort feeds into Groups
-Filter items by read/unread
-New items are highlighted when feeds refresh
-Mark items as read/unread
-Dark mode and light mode support
-Responsive layout

I have to say -so far, I LOVE IT! It’s one of the first tabs I open and has (re)oriented me to spaces I haven’t visited in a while. I’m still adding more as I go and remember – so please – add your RSS feed below! I have to fiddle with the URLs sometimes to get the feed to work, but, it’s usually still buried in there somewhere!


Clean interface of web based RSS reader.