Catching up…

This morning I allowed myself a brief respite from work/school/life….

My favorite blog recommended the Shangri-La Diet book..(Creating Passionate Users: The strangest, easiest way to lose weight.) VERY intriguing…I just picked it up and it’s certainly one of those things that can’t hurt to try.  There is a very interesting "interlude" about the blogosphere in the book as well. 

While @ Barnes and Noble, I ran across this book –

Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style

Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style
I had to do a double take…is there really a niche market for this book?!?

On the design side of things, I picked up Martha Stewart’s new magazine Blueprint. It’s ok…some good tips, but a little ADD when it comes to page layout, not as good as Real Simple.

It did highlight this series, which is expensive, but looks like a good teaching tool/reference:

Phaidon Design Classics (3 Volume Set)

Phaidon Design Classics (3 Volume Set)

Besides that, it’s almost time to get back to work…I’m going to whip up a Peanut Salad and Carrot Pachadi for  lunch tomorrow then it is back to life, back to reality. 

On a final side note, I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately.  I break a lot of "blog rules" by not having a focused topic or a real point to what I am doing.  My purpose is selfish, in that I am studying and negotiating what I decide to put about myself out to the blogosphere and my 3, maybe 4 readers.  Obviously, I have really moved towards the food blog genre, and I’m thinking about sticking to that…but does it really matter? I’m not trying to become a famous blogger…so is it ok to break the "rules"?

I almost forgot…my bro-in-law brought me one of these!!! Whipped dessert anyone?!?

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