Calendar Conundrums – #protip from @BeckyMatz1

doodle pollThe other day our team was lamenting that a magic app has not yet been invented that would access all calendars, across platforms & domains to easily schedule meetings.  You know, that feeling of dread when a doodle poll with 50 options pops into your inbox?

One of the great things about working in an open office is that you, by chance, hear helpful things – and I heard a great tip/hack from Dr. Becky Matz!

When you’re limited to only a few meeting slots – use Doodle

When, you have 5-zillion (my words, not Becky’s) options (like trying to schedule a standing semester long meeting) – use WhenisGood

Simple, but SO SMART! Thanks Becky!

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Back from another lovely summer abroad.  This was was great…but a little soggy. Had some faboulus food adventures as usual.  Here is a random list of things you may like as well!

If you are ever in London, you MUST visit Borough Market.  It may very well be one of my favorite places in the world. 

Almost every morning I ate a bowl of Dorset Cereal.  I tried the following flavors:
berries & cherries
super cranberry
fruit nuts & seeds
really nutty muesli
simply delicious muesli
super high fibre
organic fruit, nuts & seeds
toasted spelt 
pomengranate & cherry 

Keep your eye out at Whole Foods Market…they’ll be carrying the cereals starting at the end of this month!!

I did visit the London Whole Foods store…it was ok.  I was very disappointed that you could not take pictures in the store. 

I also went to the Taste of London festival.  What a treat! Here is a list of some really good things I tried there…unfortunately, I don’t think I can get anything in the US :(

Dress Italian
Gu Puds
Innocent Drinks
Kenzai Green Tea
M. Chapoutier, Rhône
Rachel’s Organic
The Serious Food Company
The Garlic Farm

Finally, on the home front – you may want to visit the following farmer’s markets:
Sunday – Birmingham or Howell
Wednesday – Allen Street (Lansing) and Meridian
Thursday – Northville
Saturday – Eastern Market or Farmington

Catching up…

This morning I allowed myself a brief respite from work/school/life….

My favorite blog recommended the Shangri-La Diet book..(Creating Passionate Users: The strangest, easiest way to lose weight.) VERY intriguing…I just picked it up and it’s certainly one of those things that can’t hurt to try.  There is a very interesting "interlude" about the blogosphere in the book as well. 

While @ Barnes and Noble, I ran across this book –

Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style

Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style
I had to do a double take…is there really a niche market for this book?!?

On the design side of things, I picked up Martha Stewart’s new magazine Blueprint. It’s ok…some good tips, but a little ADD when it comes to page layout, not as good as Real Simple.

It did highlight this series, which is expensive, but looks like a good teaching tool/reference:

Phaidon Design Classics (3 Volume Set)

Phaidon Design Classics (3 Volume Set)

Besides that, it’s almost time to get back to work…I’m going to whip up a Peanut Salad and Carrot Pachadi for  lunch tomorrow then it is back to life, back to reality. 

On a final side note, I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately.  I break a lot of "blog rules" by not having a focused topic or a real point to what I am doing.  My purpose is selfish, in that I am studying and negotiating what I decide to put about myself out to the blogosphere and my 3, maybe 4 readers.  Obviously, I have really moved towards the food blog genre, and I’m thinking about sticking to that…but does it really matter? I’m not trying to become a famous blogger…so is it ok to break the "rules"?

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