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Back from another lovely summer abroad.  This was was great…but a little soggy. Had some faboulus food adventures as usual.  Here is a random list of things you may like as well!

If you are ever in London, you MUST visit Borough Market.  It may very well be one of my favorite places in the world. 

Almost every morning I ate a bowl of Dorset Cereal.  I tried the following flavors:
berries & cherries
super cranberry
fruit nuts & seeds
really nutty muesli
simply delicious muesli
super high fibre
organic fruit, nuts & seeds
toasted spelt 
pomengranate & cherry 

Keep your eye out at Whole Foods Market…they’ll be carrying the cereals starting at the end of this month!!

I did visit the London Whole Foods store…it was ok.  I was very disappointed that you could not take pictures in the store. 

I also went to the Taste of London festival.  What a treat! Here is a list of some really good things I tried there…unfortunately, I don’t think I can get anything in the US :(

Dress Italian
Gu Puds
Innocent Drinks
Kenzai Green Tea
M. Chapoutier, Rhône
Rachel’s Organic
The Serious Food Company
The Garlic Farm

Finally, on the home front – you may want to visit the following farmer’s markets:
Sunday – Birmingham or Howell
Wednesday – Allen Street (Lansing) and Meridian
Thursday – Northville
Saturday – Eastern Market or Farmington

The Wealth of Networks

I have a lot to catch up on …but this just rose to the top of the list!! I went to see a lecture by Yale Professor Yochai Benkler yesterday.  He has a fantastic way of conceptualizing and presenting the ideas of peer-production and a commons based culture! What is even BETTER is the fact that he makes his publications available on his website…including is book The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom.  DEAR READERS, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK…I know most of you and I know you would enjoy having this on your hard drive.  For a shorter starting point you may also want to try Common Wisdom: Peer Production of Educational Materials….let’s start a discussion on this…or a book club or chapter club or something…it’s really good stuff from a different perspective!!!