Exposed: The Dissertation File

Dissertation edits

Today I sent the latest version of my dissertation to my committee.  I say “latest” because it never feels quite finished and based upon all of the other dissertation defenses I have been to, there will be revisions. As much as I appreciate all of the congrats for hitting send, the work is not over yet!

I’ve always been very public with my work, and I feel I should be the same way with my dissertation. It’s usually a fairly hidden process, which is part of the reason the task was (is) a challenge for me.  I’ve posted a proof version of the dissertation to Google docs. You can provide comments/suggestions here:

I’m very open to your comments and criticisms as I’ll have to defend my ideas presented to the committee next week, so I figure exposing myself to the world will be good practice.  Is there anything you find particularly interesting? Confusing?

My defense is Wednesday, December 7 at 1:30pm.  I’m working on finalizing the location, so if you would like to come just leave a comment below or send me an email. If you do come, it would be helpful to breeze through the pdf proof here or have it on your Kindle/iPad/Pod since the audience will have a chance to ask questions and it will make the defense make a little more sense.

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