Fiber is so good

Looking for non gross ways to integrate the recommended 30 of fiber a day into your diet? Forget Benefiber or other gross powders! You only get about 3g of fiber for mixing something gross and unnatural into your water/soup/whatever.

HERE are some SUPER AWESOME fiber packed foods!

Fiber One Chewy Oats and Chocolate Bars – 9g
Fiberful Fruit Leathers – 6g
Kashi Vive – 12g
Kashi Good Friends Original Cereal – 12g
La Tortilla Factory Low Carb/Low Fat large wraps – 14g
Aunt Mille’s Fiber for Life Bread – 6g/slice

Switch to whole wheat pasta – usually about 4g/serving!

When in season –
Blackberries 1/2 cup = 4g
Pears = 4g

Fiber – yum!

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