Follow up to Lilly Seminar

I had a wonderful whirlwind time with the 2010-2011 Lilly Fellows this evening.  Nicole and I each had an hour – and with all the stuff swirling through our heads it was hard to contain us to 60 minutes each!

As promised, here is my presentation with embedded links (pdf)

Below, you can see the quickview from Slideshare. I was having problems with the keynote conversion (yep, even I have tech issues!) Fortunately, Slideshare does allow you to upload and embed pdfs, so I sacrificed a bit of quality (the full pdf version looks a lot better!) Slideshare is a great tool for sharing and embedding presentations.

The other technology we briefly discussed was delicious. (My delicious bookmarks.) I checked back through my archives and I did write up a piece on how I use it in my class – hopefully you can find it helpful! Social Bookmarking, delicious and ANGEL

As I was creating this post, this link came across my RSS feeds:

(It’s another talking point for The Social Network movie follow-up discussion.)

Finally, we didn’t have time to show Punya‘s response to the video Nicole started with this evening.  Here is his mash-up (and blog post about the commercial):

Thanks again for inviting me – and please do stay in touch!

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