Visualization gurus, help me brainstorm…

…pretty please? :)

During my downtime today, I started revising the MAET program handbook.  There are so many different ways to complete the MAET degree that it can get a bit confusing.  I started by listing all the ways I could think of to complete the program – you can see them all here.

Now, here’s where I need the help – how can I visualize/present this to
a.) our student body so that the process of creating a program plan is not so stressful?
b.) potential students so they can understand all the options available in the program?

2 thoughts on “Visualization gurus, help me brainstorm…

  1. Can it actually be like a choose your own adventure? Individual student would select based on their situation and then see their path? Perhaps on a webpage?

  2. Could be done in a flow chart/inspiration type set-up. Headings could be a series of questions for self-analysis. Understanding themselves as a learner and what their purpose is would help a lot.
    I have recently heard several teachers ask themselves these questions as they are making decisions about why and how they should do a Masters program. (Do they want a cheap program, an easy program to finish, a program that will actually teach them something, or a get it done quickly program? Can they be successful just doing all their courses online or do they need other students to motivate them. Can they do the online courses with the huge time difference from their location, are there required online meeting times, or do they HAVE to work as a group on-line? (seasoned teachers seem to really hate this part)
    Think the 5 W’s and an H concept….
    Where do you want to study? (do you want to travel or stay put?) Why do you want to do this program? What do you want to do with this program when you are finished? (What are you going to use this program for?) How do you want to study? How best do you learn? Who do you want to work with? (do you work best alone or do you need other students around you?) When do you want to start? Do you want to finish quickly or spread it out over a longer period of time?

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