Follow up to the International Academy Back to School PD Day #IAPD

I had a great time on Monday meeting with the staff at the International Academy.  I started my career at the IA way back in 1997 as a “tech lady” and it was so awesome to return after all these years.  Much of my passion for education and educational technology was developed at the IA and I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to return and give something back to the community!

Below, you will find the Storify with the links & tools I shared on Monday. The goal was to share tools and stragegies that teachers could easily implement & use right away to help relieve some of the day-to-day stresses & challenges of teaching.

As a follow up to our discussion on displaying an iDevice on a projector – you can use the Reflection App on the school wireless network if you set up your laptop as a mini-network. One super cool magic trick I forgot to show, if you turn on the camera on your iDevice while it’s mirroring, you have an instant document camera!   Additionally, someone asked if there is a Reflection app for Android devices.  I did some googling and tweeting and it seems like Splashtop may be a solution, but I haven’t tried this out myself. If anyone in my PLN has a solution/tip – please let us know in the comments! You can also physically connect your iDevice to a projector with this VGA adapter.

My final follow-up tip – I tried auto-tweeting for the first time during my presentation and LOVED it (and based on feedback, participants liked it as well!) Here are the fabulous easy to follow directions on how to auto-tweet from Adam Bellow.

5 thoughts on “Follow up to the International Academy Back to School PD Day #IAPD

  1. Thanks for sharing your presentation. Enjoyed your use of Twitter. You gave me several ideas for my back to school talk with my staff.

    You mentioned Airplay and Android. I just came upon this article this morning and it mentions several Android apps that integrate with Airplay.

    I tried Twonky Beam on my Nexus 7 with my AppleTV and it worked well.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Another question… How did you get the Twitter slide show in this post? Is it a feature on Storify? I can’t seem to find it there…


  3. Yes, it’s a storify feature! When you’re embedding there’s a little drop down that says “template” – unfortunately this only shows up if you’re the one that created the storify.

  4. Hello Leigh,

    I’m having trouble finding the “Storify with the links & tools” you reference in the above post. Am I missing something?


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