Thank you Mary, Pam & Catherine #ald12

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This year for Ada Lovelace Day, I would like to thank three special IT women: Mary Loftus, Pam O’Brien, Catherine Cronin. (pictured from left to right above.) I’m trying to remember how our connection began…I believe it was via another special woman, Pam Moran and #edchatie. Our connection was immediate and I have learned (and continue to learn) so much from our exchanges online and offline.  In a very short time, our community has grown into a hashtag (#ITWomen), has generated conference proposals (for both Grace Hopper & SXSWedu) and now includes many more women in IT and educational leadership. I am thankful every day to call these amazing women my friends.

2011 Post – Thank you Dr. Caroline Haythornthwaite
2010 Post – Thank you Dr. Catherine Mohr



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