Ignite Lansing (and beyond)

Ignite Lansing

This summer, I challenged my students to do a version of Ignite (What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds?)  I co-opted the idea and gave them the constraint of 10 slides, 15 seconds per slide to synthesize their experience in the MAET program. A few that have been posted to YouTube (grads, if there are more, send them my way!)

Long story short at the end of the class, they challenged me to do an Ignite presentation. So, when the opportunity came up at Ignite Lansing 2.0, I submitted my idea, and people wanted to hear what I had to say! BIG thanks to all involved in putting on the Ignite Lansing show, but a special thanks to @quetwo for capturing the evening and producing our presentations!!!

A big thank you to all of my students – past, present and future – for continuing to inspire and challenge me!

2 thoughts on “Ignite Lansing (and beyond)

  1. Nice job Leigh. I like best the way you are making all your interests work together in one coordinated whole. Often it seems I’m going in several directions at once, but watching the way you focus all your interests in a coherent fashion gives me pause to wonder if I can/should do the same. Keep up the fine example to us all.

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