Special Day in Sligo

Amazing experience at Michael Quirke's

I have so many blog posts stacking up about my time here in Ireland – but – I have to quickly share an amazing story.  My dear friend Mary was kind enough to meet Scott and I in Sligo and take us on a tour of the town with her dear daughter Katie.  Mary took us to all the great local artisan spots which ended with us popping into Michael Quirke‘s shop.  Here’s a brief film on Michael:

We were lucky enough to catch Michael in his shop and he made a beautiful carving for Katie while telling us amazing stories. He had us completely enraptured and Katie was glowing when he gave her the very special carving of the most beautiful horse.  It was a very, very special day.

Mythical Michael Quirke

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  1. Thank you for recording this lovely memory, Leigh – we so enjoyed it too :) Katie just read this and her comment: ‘Leigh is really good at explaining things’ :)

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