Why Digital Writing Matters presentation by Jeff Grabill – #sxswedu and MSU

MSU’s presence at SXSW kicked off today with Jeff Grabill‘s presentation at SXSWedu – “Why Digital Writing Matters in Education.”

Jeff Grabill at SXSW edu

Jeff Grabill is a professor of rhetoric and professional writing and the co-director of the Writing in Digital Environments (WIDE) Research Center at Michigan State. Jeff is also the co-inventor of Eli. (Jeff is joined in the creation of Eli by MSU faculty Bill Hart-Davidson, and Michael McLeod) As the website says, “Eli was invented by writing teachers for writing teachers.” Eli is a web service that improves writing by helping teachers and students quickly conduct reviews, see and assess feedback, and learn from the revision process.

You can learn more about Eli (and MSU WIDE) on their YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/msuwide/

You can follow Eli on twitter @elireview

Finally, here is the Storify archive of the livetweets from Jeff’s session (which he completely rocked!)


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