Why I Love the Internet Reason #209

A few weeks back, Scott and I were talking about our 2012 garden plans.  We have an amazing tomato lady – Karen, the proprietor of Michigan Heirlooms. Scott, who tends to the garden all summer when I’m away, emailed the tomato lady and sent her some pictures I took of the tomatoes we purchased from her greenhouse to share his excitement for the coming season. She loved the pictures so much she wanted to use them on her website! Being the Creative Commons girl I am, I was more than thrilled and honored she wanted to use my photos.  I was even more thrilled when she offered to provide us with lettuce and peppers in exchange for pictures of them for this growing season – what a fun project! The project started tonight by planting the starters – 31 different varieties of lettuce!  These certainly are not the best pictures ever, and more of a memory tool for me as they start to grow – but – I wanted to capture their growth over time. I’m not sure what I’m envisioning for the final photos (I have some fun creative ideas in mind.) I’m excited to plant the peppers tomorrow and for this exciting creative journey ahead.  I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time for “real” photographs lately, so this will force me to take time and see the beauty in the things growing around me.

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  1. Those are great photos and you’ll only get better. You also got one heck of a deal if you ask me, fresh produce from a friend’s garden (or your own) can’t be beat!

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