Thank you Dr. Caroline Haythornthwaite

Last year for Ada Lovelace day I wrote about Dr. Catherine Mohr.  This year, I would like to thank the forward thinking Dr. Caroline Haythornthwaite.  Dr. Haythornthwaite is currently the Director of the School of Library, Archival & Information Studies at University of British Columbia.

(Creative Commons Image courtesy of estzer on Flickr)

I first learned about Dr. Haythornthwaite’s work when I took a social network analysis course. In the course we read selections from The Internet in Everyday LifeYou can find a recent list of her publications on her website:

I highly encourage you to take some time to look at her “Recent Activities” and “Teaching” pages. Her work in pushing the field of social network analysis and social informatics is truly groundbreaking and inspirational.


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