Well done Fiat

Just received a really nice little surprise in the mail:
Nice touch Fiat!

It’s a “welcome to the family packet” from Fiat. I immediately noticed that the package the packet came in was the same color as my car (really nice touch, bonus points for attention to detail!) Inside the packet is some information about the history of the Fiat 500 and a Fiat branded USB dongle that collects data from my car that I can upload to Eco:drive. HOW COOL is that? The Fiat is not in the “luxury car” category, however, in all of my experiences with Fiat so far (purchase, maintenance, this packet) have made me feel like I’m appreciated as a customer, part of a larger experience and certainly luxurious.

It really has me thinking about the “value added” things we do for our MAET students – I need to brainstorm ways to take it to the next level so they feel the same connection/appreciation I just felt from Fiat.  (Suggestions welcome!!)

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