TPACK … y más: Fusión de la tecnología, la pedagogía, el contenido la investigación y la evaluación

I’m looking forward to the “TPACK … y más” workshop at the Universidad de Puerto Rico this week!

Here is a link to the workshop site (in Spanish):

The following list contains all of the links I shared in my morning keynote presentation (still working on fixing my Keynote AutoTweets!)

TPACK in 2 Minutes –

Evernote –

Lots of great resources for Evernote in Education from @daveandcori

Storify – social media story telling

Adventures in Verbal Feedback- Jing+other audio tools for student feedback

Wirelessly mirror your iPad for Mac/PC

Work on your workflow with @ifttt –

Google URL Shortener

Etherpad – resources for open source code & installs

TodaysMeet – easy one-click (and archived) backchannel

Remind 101 – Safe student/teacher txt messaging

Scrivener – a revolutionary (for me!) way to write

Marshmallow Challenge

Try the @stanforddschool 90 minute crash course in design thinking

Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators

Join the Maker movement –  and

Piloto151 Cowork Space –

The Quickfire Challenge, repurposed for education

Great creative resource: Unstuck by @NoahScalin

Great creative resource: Gamestorming

The Third Teacher | Book –  | Facebook –

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything

C4LPT Learning Tools Directory

Three Kinds of MOOCs by @LisaMLane

MSUMOOC  and Foundations of Science

Data Visualization tips & tools – @karlgude


Raspberry Pi, a tiny, cheap computer –

Makey Makey –


Linda Castañeda – &

Jordi Adell – &

Entornos personales de aprendizaje: claves para el ecosistema educativo en red –

Angelica Rocha – &

Ricardo Torres Kompen – &

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